How It Works

When a songwriter publishes a song
It gets used by others
Then we search the globe
...and get you paid

Our Services

YouTube Royalties

We collect publishing royalties directly from YouTube for Brazil and the United States. Our platform makes it very simple. Just claim your compositions to start receiving monthly payments.

Full Publishing Services

We have a dedicated team to administer the rights in your compositions and collect your publishing royalties.

Neighboring Rights

If you are an independent recording artist, producer or a record label, we can collect your neighboring rights royalties for you. Neighboring rights are the sound recording rights for public performances, including satellite radio, Internet radio, terrestrial radio (outside the US only), and television broadcasts (outside the US only).

Youtube Content ID

We monetize all user generated videos on YouTube that use your recordings or songs. Alternatively, you can choose to block the content to stop unauthorized uses of your works.

Recognition Systems

Have your music recognized by Shazam, Gracenote and other recognition services. We send metadata and audio files to create fingerprints of your works, so your fans will be able not only to recognize your song but also receive important information about the song like how to find it on the digital services.

Lyric Rights

We send your lyrics to the most important services worldwide, so that when they are displayed, you get paid for it!


We have teams in several countries submitting your music for synchronization opportunities in TV, films, commercials, and more. This service is provided for recording artists as well as songwriters.


Getting paid for your content on Soundcloud is easy. We send your songs directly to your profile and also protect against other people uploading unauthorized copies.