made easy!

So you can focus on
making great music.

Fast and efficient, your music will be in stores worldwide within hours of approval.

No upfront fees, Maintain 100% control.

Technology at Your Fingertips

ONErpm’s intuitive dashboard and suite of business tools give creators total control over the distribution workflow, while making it easy to collect royalty payments, process reports, pay other rights holders, monitor daily and monthly performance of your content, and integrate your marketing with social media.

Technology at Your Fingertips

Tools & Resources

Territorial Flexibility

Select territories, stores, and pricing per product distributed

Select Pricing

For download services, you can specify the price.

Store Options

Choose the services you want to work with

Multiple Formats

ONErpm supports WAV and FLAC uploads, as well as high-res MP3s

Video Distribution

Deliver your official videos to Apple, Tidal, and others

Ringtone Distribution

ONErpm converts your tracks into ringtones and distributes to the world's most important ringtone stores

iTunes pre-order

Comes standard with any iTunes release

iTunes Instant Gratification

Select up to 3 tracks per album for instant download during the pre-order period

Disable previews on pre-orders

Keep your audio secret until the day of the release.


For a 2 week period of time, make your music available only to Spotify premium users

Multimedia Albums

Deliver a combination of audio and video tracks in an album.

Bulk Uploads of your catalog

No manual entry needed. Deliver your entire catalog metadata via xls/txt/ .csv bulk uploads and audio files via FTP.

Free UPCs

Bar codes come free should need them

Free ISRCs

Codes are assigned to each track as needed.

Royalty Sharing

Split revenues with collaborator/owner on any track, video, album, or ringtone. ONErpm also supports royalty sharing across entire accounts encompassing the entire body of work.

Monthly Accounting in PDF, CSV, and XLS formats

Filter reports based on artist, territory, content type (audio, video), and more

Daily Trends Analytics

Get a daily snapshot of how your content is performing. Adjust marketing strategies in real time as needed.

Detailed Monthly Analytics

Are you a quant nerd? These stats are for you! Do a deep dive of your content’s performance, whether by track, video, artist, territory, and more, for a specific date range. Conduct historical analyses and head-to-head comparisons with easy-to-use graphical charts.

Playlist Placement Tracking

Know when your songs are featured in a Spotify, Apple, or Deezer playlist.

Content ID Tracking

Know when your songs or videos are being used on user generated content (UGC) YouTube videos.


ONErpm serves up a suite of embeddable Player Widgets that link directly to your release on the platforms of your choice, and serve up click tracking data to go with!

Link generator and sharing

Easily share your content with correct links to all platforms.

One-sheet generator

Easily compile your marketing drivers into an easy-to-read one sheet that links to our pitch forms.

Pitching forms

Use our pitch form to more effectively communicate pertinent information about your release to Spotify, Apple, and other platforms.


Receive dashboard notifications of important website updates and of your release(s).

24/7 Customer support

ONErpm’s multi-lingual agents are available to resolve most issues within 24 hours. See our FAQ first.

Dedicated account managers

Qualifying accounts will be assigned a dedicated account manager.

Sync your socials

When you link your social profiles to your ONErpm account, we will be able to better measure your true audience reach and correlate how social marketing impacts each of your releases.

Social Media Advertising

ONErpm’s in house social media advertising agency can help properly boost posts and run targeted ad campaigns.

Verification of profiles

Our experts can help you verify your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify profiles.

Share your content

The ONErpm platform makes it easy to share your release on most social media platforms directly from your dashboard.

Free downloads in exchange for an email address

Boost your email marketing audience with this simple, true and tried tactic.

Facebook Store App

Create and manage a custom store on Facebook for each of your artists and / or for your entire catalog.

Embeddable Players

Promote your music on blogs and other sites using one of the ONErpm player widgets

Best Practices Guides

Downloadable guides for Spotify, Apple, YouTube, and others.


Everything you need to know in order to best manage your account.

Case Studies

Good examples of what to do, and what NOT to do.